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Welding Machine Robot Arm

Welding machine robot arm are industrial robots engaged in welding (including cutting and spraying), which mainly include two parts: robots and welding equipment. The welding machine robot arm is composed of a robot body and a control cabinet (hardware and software); taking arc welding and spot welding as examples, the welding equipment consists of a welding power source (including its control system), a wire feeder (arc welding), a welding gun (clamp), etc. composition. For smart welding machine robot arms, it should also be equipped with sensor systems, such as laser or camera sensors and their control devices.


Product Features:

1.Welding machine robot arm has high degree of freedom, the articulated arm robot has a high degree of freedom, suitable for almost any trajectory or angle of work.
2.Welding machine robot arm can be freely programmed, can be freely programmed, simple and easy to learn, complete automated work, improve production efficiency, and controllable error rate.
3.The operation of welding machine robot arm is simple and quick to get started, the function operation is simple, you can learn the basic operation in one day with 0 basics, and the operation is proficient in 7 days.
4.The positioning accuracy of welding machine robot arm is high. All the arm joints are powered by a servo motor to drive the RV reducer to complete precise movements. The positioning accuracy can reach up to ±0.02mm.
5.Power failure protection function, the same server motor is equipped with brakes, even if there is a sudden power failure, it can ensure that the manipulator does not move, and prevent equipment and products from falling or being prepared.

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Product Parameters:

Mode HY1005A-085 HY1010A-143 HY1020A-168
Number of axles 6 6 6
Load capacity 5kg 10kg 20kg
Positional repeatability ±0.03mm ±0.08mm ±0.08mm
Battery capacity 1.6KVA 3KVA 8KVA

Actuation range



J1 ±170° ±170° ±170°
J2 +60°~ -150° +85°~ -125° +80°~ -150°
J3 +205°~ -50° +85°~ -78° +95°~ -72°
J4 ±130° ±170° ±170°
J5 ±125° ±115°~140° ±120°
J6 ±360° ±360° ±360°
Service environment 0-45°,20-80%RH(No mist) 0-45°,20-80%RH(No mist) 0-45°,20-80%RH(No mist)
Weight 60kg 170kg 330kg
Installation method Ground Ground Ground
Level of protection IP65 IP65 IP65
Max speed J1 145°/s 180°/s 150°/s
J2 133°/s 133°/s 140°/s
J3 140°/s 140°/s 140°/s
J4 172°/s 217°/s 173°/s
J5 172°/s 172°/s 172°/s
J6 210°/s 172°/s 332°/s


Welding machine robot arm have gradually replaced traditional welding with the advantages of high production efficiency, low cost, and stable welding quality. Welding machine robot arm have appeared in machinery manufacturing, automobile and auto parts manufacturing, electronic equipment, aerospace and other fields.

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After-Sales Service:

1.Provide technical training and consulting services;
2.Seller to the Buyer for installation and commissioning;
3.Machine warranty period is calculated from the date of final acceptance by, the punch mechanical parts warranty for one year;
4.After receiving the fault information users: to respond within 4-6 hours, rushed to the equipment at the scene within 12 to 24 hours;
5.After the warranty period, the seller is committed to providing life-long paid services for the buyer, and the necessary accessories to provide the best price;
6.Non-user warranty period caused by man-made causes damage to the equipment, provide maintenance services Seller, required accessories borne by the seller.

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