Straightener Machine

Straightener machine squeezes a certain thickness of coil or plate through the upper and lower rolls of the uneven metal material, such as curvature, dance music, so as to achieve the effect of straightening. As we all know, coil materials can not produce good products without flattening and stress relieving treatments. therefore, the performance of the straightener machine is critical in the production process. Our straightener machine can reach 0.01mm precision.


Product Features:

1.Straightener machine’s flattening and straightening secondary wheels adopt the imported SUJ2 and the HRC60 heat treatment starts production after plating the hard chrome and the milling to ensure the evenness of the chrome layers and the form tolerances of each bearing
2.Straightener machine’s flattening adjusting adopts floating four-point balancing equipment, with the dial indicator, which can find the leveling point rapidly
3.Straightener machine adopts the Cardan joint and the triple-gear transmission, suitable for straightening high precision requirement products
4.Straightener machine adopts the high precision axis and the lubricating system, which prolongs the machine’s lifespan
5.With the fixed top and bottom secondary roller, it enhances the top and bottom wheel rigidity and prevents it distorts
6.The triplication and the transmission structure adopts the synchronous style to transfer each leveling roller individually to lower the panel surface flatness improving requirement because of the interspaces caused by wheels rotating

straightener machine 8

Product Parameters:

Technical Parameter CLS-200 CLS-300 CLS-400 CLS-500 CLS-600 CLS-700 CLS-800
Maximum coil width 200mm 300mm 400mm 500mm 600mm 700mm 800mm
Material thickness 0.3-2.2mm 0.3-2.2mm 0.3-2.2mm 0.3-2.2mm 0.3-2.2mm 0.3-2.2mm 0.3-2.2mm
Speed 15m/min 15m/min 15m/min 15m/min 15m/min 15m/min 15m/min
Motor 0.5HP 1HP 1HP 2HP 3HP 3HP 3HP
Machine weight 300kg 350kg 400kg 500kg 550kg 800kg 900kg
Machine Dimension 800*600*1400mm 800*650*1400mm 900*750*1500mm 900*1100*1400mm 900*1100*1400mm 900*1200*1700mm 1000*1300*1800mm

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Straightener machine is mainly used for correcting various specifications of plates and cutting them into blocks. This machine is suitable for the leveling of various cold and hot rolled plates. Because of its convenient and simple operation, its application range covers many industries such as machinery, metallurgy, building materials, chemicals, electronics, electric power, light industry, etc., especially in shipbuilding, rolling stock, boiler bridges, metal structure factories and other industries, becoming indispensable in production Essential products.

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After-Sales Service:

1.Provide technical training and consulting services;
2.Seller to the Buyer for installation and commissioning;
3.Machine warranty period is calculated from the date of final acceptance by, the punch mechanical parts warranty for one year;
4.After receiving the fault information users: to respond within 4-6 hours, rushed to the equipment at the scene within 12 to 24 hours;
5.After the warranty period, the seller is committed to providing life-long paid services for the buyer, and the necessary accessories to provide the best price;
6.Non-user warranty period caused by man-made causes damage to the equipment, provide maintenance services Seller, required accessories borne by the seller.

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