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Servo Drive Turret Punching Machine

Bescomt servo drive turret punching machine adopts the most advanced international numerical control system control, using servo motor direct drive main transmission, which not only retains the mechanical stable structure, but also the flexibility of the spacing hydraulic pressure, which greatly improves the punch Work energy efficiency has a very good role in promoting carbon peaks in the realization of carbon. servo drive turret punching machine can complete various process requirements such as punching, forming, rolling, and lettering.


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Product Features:

1. It has the graphics function and nibbling function required by the punching machine.
2. Simple and convenient international G code programming, easy to operate and use.
3. The international RS232 standard interface is convenient for communication with the computer.
4. Equipped with advanced all-digital AC servo motor and servo system.
5. Color display.
6. Semi-closed loop feedback of pulse encoder.
7. On-site programming, background programming.
8. Chinese display.
9. With graphic simulation function.
10 It is convenient to backup system parameters, ladder diagrams and processing programs, and realize online processing of large-capacity processing programs.
11. Interpolation, position detection and servo control are carried out in nanometers, which can realize high-speed and high-precision processing.
12.Using ultra-high-speed serial data bus, with fewer wiring cables.
13. High degree of integration, using special software. The startup time is short, and the data will not be lost even if the power is suddenly turned off when you exit.

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Product Parameters:

Nominal pressure KN 300
Maximum punch diameter mm 88.5(D station)
Maximum workpiece thickness mm 6.35
Maximum workpiece weight Kg 120
Piercing accuracy mm ±0.1
Repetitive positioning accuracy mm ±0.1

compressed air



0.55-0.8Mpa (The air pressure for laser cutting is more than 2.0Mpa)

Air cutting pressure for laser is greater than 2.0Mpa


Punching frequency




Feeding speed



100 (Non-composite machine model 80m/min)

Non-compound machine model


Processing size



1500×5000 (Include a repositioning)

Including one-time repositioning


Mode bit



24/32 (Thick turret long guide international general mold)

Thick turret long guide international general die

Mold turning station B/C 1B. 1C
Number of control axes set 5
Turntable speed Hpm 30
Outline dimension mm 5300x5100x2200

servo drive turret punching machine 5

Application and After-Sales Service:

Application range: servo drive turret punching machine is widely used in small and medium sheet metal factories, can making, lid making, screens, architectural decoration, metal furniture, cabinets, kitchenware, solar energy, sheet metal, sound-absorbing panels, Instruments and meters, auto parts, medical equipment, grain and oil machinery, communication equipment, badges and other industries
After-sales service: Free two-years warranty and lifetime technical guidance service. Respond immediately after receiving the consultation call, and propose technical solutions within 2 hours, arrive at the fastest speed abroad according to the situation. Provide full video guidance.

Product Details:

1.The special tooling fixture for the roulette is processed in pairs to ensure the coaxiality of the upper and lower mold positions and greatly extend the positioning accuracy of the mold; the thin turret inlaid roulette structure is adopted to reduce the gravity of the mold roulette. , It still maintains the long guiding structure, which ensures the guiding stability of the mold. The company is equipped with a large imported (Swedish Hexagon) three-coordinate measuring instrument, and the roulette is assembled after passing the test (the indexing value of the roulette positioning hole cannot be tested by other measuring tools).

2.The rotation station (rotation station) adopts the worm gear transmission method, which has high transmission accuracy; the rotation station is composed of the turbine, worm, transmission shaft, synchronous gear, gearbox and other components, and the servo motor linear installed in the synchronous gearbox Connection, reliable synchronization, high transmission accuracy, ensuring the concentricity and the same position of the upper and lower cutters of the autorotating die; the rolling and rotating device equipped with the upper and lower die sleeves of the autorotating die reduces the coefficient of friction and minimizes wear. Extend the service life of the rotation dies. The existing traditional autorotating die sets are driven by timing belts, with too many transmission links, complex transmission methods, long transmission distances, cumbersome processing and installation processes, so that after the completion of the autorotating die manufacturing and installation, the accumulated error is too large and it is difficult to accurately control The upper and lower rotation die cutters are at the same position, so that during the punching process, the die is seriously damaged, the use cost is too high, and the thin plate cannot be punched.

3.The international matching pneumatic components ensure the reliability of the performance of the whole machine.

4.Imported large-lead ball screw and linear guide rail are adopted, with stable transmission and guiding performance, ensuring the accuracy of processing parts.

5.The use of the universal ball and brush plate mixed work surface not only reduces the noise and vibration of the machine tool, but also plays a very good role in protecting the surface of the processed plate, which can effectively prevent the surface of the plate from being scratched; unique The dust-proof design structure of the working table can prevent the collision accident caused by the excessive clearance, and at the same time play a dust-proof effect on the guide rail and screw rod; effectively prevent dust and iron filings from falling on the surface of the guide rail and screw rod. The abrasion of the balls caused effectively prolongs the service life of the guide rails and rods; the periphery of the tabletop and part of the tabletop are protected by stainless steel, which is beautiful and durable. The data cable protection drag chain is changed from the traditional method to the side of the fuselage, which reduces the gap between the workbench and prevents the scraper and the board from hitting the board. The assembly of guide rails and screw rods are all calibrated with a laser collimator to ensure the straightness and parallelism of each guide rail and screw rod.

6.The machine body is welded by “O”-shaped (closed) steel plate. After high temperature tempering treatment, the internal stress caused by welding is completely eliminated and the body deformation is avoided; the feeding bracket adopts a clamping process to avoid secondary The excessive parallelism and flatness tolerances caused by the repeated positioning of the clamping cause unstable feeding speed, damage to the guide rail slider, and the ball of the screw nut; the outer side of the feeding bracket is equipped with adjusting bolts so that the feeding pallet has a fine-tuning function, which solves the problem. Due to the long service life, the natural deformation produced cannot be adjusted.

7.Welding parts and castings are tempered to eliminate internal stress; all machined parts are processed in the company (precision parts are all completed by the machining center), and they are assembled after passing the inspection, effectively controlling each The machining accuracy of the parts eliminates the accumulated tolerances generated during the assembly process of the parts

8.Floating pneumatic clamps are used, with large clamping force and stable feeding; the integral dovetail carriage has good rigidity and the clamps are easy to move.

9.The system has an automatic clamp protection function, which can only perform displacement movement without punching in the protected area to ensure the continuity of program operation.

10.The imported brand clutch is adopted, and the service life of the friction plate is more than three times higher than that of domestic ones so that the working condition ore stable.

11.The side of the fuselage is equipped with mold storage tooling to avoid mold damage caused by irregular mold placement, effectively protect the mold, ensure the stamping effect of the mold, and extend the service life of the mold.

12.Automatic mold selection and processing: The system can automatically select the most suitable mold for processing. The display simulation of the processing trajectory and path can be carried out. If multiple parts are cut on a large plate, the plate can be saved to the greatest extent and the utilization rate of the material can be improved.

13. The roulette turning mold station display, stamping time display, processing volume display, mold life (stamping times) display.


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