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Punching Machine Robot Arm

To realize stamping automation, a punching machine robot arm must be used to link multiple actions. The transformation of stamping automation usually uses a four-axis punching machine robot arm. If the product needs to use reverse surface stamping, a five-axis or six-axis punching machine robot arm is required. Single-station stamping usually uses one punching machine robot arm, and two punching machine robot arms can be added according to a higher request of efficiency.


Product Features:

1.Punching machine robot arm has high efficiency: Able to work at high speed, 4 seconds/beat (note: Efficiency in different situations will have some differences)
2.Punching machine robot arm has a wide range: The working range is 1400mm, wide range of operations.
3.Punching machine robot arm has a long lifetime: Adopting RV reduction box technology, RV reduction box’s super rigid can weaken the impact brought by the high-speed working of the robot.
4.Punching machine robot arm is easy to maintain: Its structural form is easy to maintain, under standard protection level IP54/IP65(wrist) Dustproof and splash-proof.

punching machine robot arm 7

punching machine robot arm 8

Product Parameters:

Mode HY1010B-140 HY1020B-180 HY1165B-315
Number of axles 4 4 4
Load capacity 10kg 20kg 165kg
Positional repeatability ±0.08mm ±0.08mm ±2mm
Battery capacity 3KVA 6KVA 10KVA

Actuation range



J1 ±170° ±170° ±180°
J2 ±10°~ +125° +125°~ +10° +5°~ +130°
J3 ±10°~ -95° +10°~ -92° +15°~ -60°
J4 ±360° ±360° ±360°
Service environment 0-45°,20-80%RH(No mist) 0-45°,20-80%RH(No mist) 0-45°,20-80%RH(No mist)
Weight 170kg 280kg 1500kg
Installation method Ground Ground Ground
Level of protection IP65 IP65 IP65
Max speed J1 190°/s 150°/s 70°/s
J2 120°/s 142°/s 82°/s
J3 120°/s 145°/s 82°/s
J4 200°/s 200°/s 200°/s
Dimension 1100*800*1000 1830*800*1600 3100*1000*2800

punching machine robot arm 9


The punching machine robot arm adopts four-axis design, compact in appearance, small in size, and light in weight. It is widely used in argon arc welding, stacking, handling, stamping, hardware punching and other fields, and can complete stable handling and welding. The punching machine robot arm can flexibly carry out stamping work in a small space, and the installation and debugging are simple and convenient.

punching machine robot arm 10

After-Sales Service:

1.Provide technical training and consulting services;
2.Seller to the Buyer for installation and commissioning;
3.Machine warranty period is calculated from the date of final acceptance by, the punch mechanical parts warranty for one year;
4.After receiving the fault information users: to respond within 4-6 hours, rushed to the equipment at the scene within 12 to 24 hours;
5.After the warranty period, the seller is committed to providing life-long paid services for the buyer, and the necessary accessories to provide the best price;
6.Non-user warranty period caused by man-made causes damage to the equipment, provide maintenance services Seller, required accessories borne by the seller.

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