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Oil Filter Canister Making Machine

Oil filter canister making machine include Punch machine, manipulator, die set, the punch machine drives the die set to move, the die set includes the upper module and the lower module and their positions correspond to each other, and the manipulator is level on the guide rail under the drive of the drive motor. Mobile, the manipulator includes the left gripping clamp and the right gripping clamp, which are arranged symmetrically on both sides of the mold group; the robot is used to realize the automation of production, and the photoelectric induction PLC automatic control system is installed in the machine control part to realize the machine Automated control improves production efficiency. The simultaneous production of dual-line and dual-molds through a punch press is equivalent to changing the original ten processes and ten machines into ten processes and one machine production, which solves the single mold production mode. Problem, optimize the overall development of the traditional production model to the whole process of multi-product manufacturing, and Oil filter canister making machine increase the production efficiency by 10 times.


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Product Features:

1. Oil filter canister making machine body is welded of quality steel sheet and treated by tension elimination, improve stability and reliability of precision of the machine
2. In order to guarantee the machine running stable and smooth, adopts the design of symmetrical two slid boards with balancer.
3. The precision of mold adjusting up to 0.1mm, safety, reliable and convenient.
4. Crank, gear. connect bar are oxidized hardening and milled having super comprehensive mechanical performance and durable function.
5. Reasonable structural design, is convenient for automatic production and line production
6. our Oil filter canister making machine Used reliable high intensity clutch/brake and twin electromagnetic valve, overloading protector an guarantee safe production all-around

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Product Parameters:

Specification Unit BLC-200 BLC-250 BLM-200 BLM-250
   Model / V V V V
Capacity TON 200 250 200 250
Stable speed S.P.M 25-45 20-35 20-50 20-40
Stroke MM 250 280 250 280
Die Height MM 500 550 500 550
Slide adjustment MM 120 120 120 120
Bolster Area MM 2400*840*170 2700*900*170 1850*750 2400*900
Slide Area MM 1850*650*95 2100*700*95 2200*940 2500*1000
Main Motor KW 18.5*4 22*4 18.5*4 30*4
Machine Size MM 2235*2620*3849 2545*3000*4304 2523*3000*3915 2799*3600*4593
Machine Weight T 27.5 45.5 30.5 48.5

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Oil filter canister making machines are used in the production of various parts of automobile oil filters, with Large output and stable performance.

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After-Sales Service:

1. Provide technical training and consulting services of Oil filter canister making machine
2. If the situation permits, the seller can go to the buyer to install and debug
3. The Oil filter canister making machine warranty period is calculated from the date of final acceptance, and the punching machine parts are guaranteed for one year;
4. After the user receives the fault information: respond within 4-6 hours and provide a preliminary solution
5. After the warranty period, the seller promises to provide the buyer with a lifetime paid service, and provide the necessary accessories to provide the most favorable price;
6. During the warranty period for equipment damage caused by non-user man-made reasons, the sellers who provide repair services shall bear the required accessories.

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