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Mechanical Turret Punching Machine

Bescomt mechanical turret punching machine is a high cost-effective CNC punching machine. The equipment has stable quality and a favorable has powerful functions and a variety of working conditions. The mechanical turret punching machine has CNC system control, open body structure and easy interface operation, which has a good choice for many customers.


Product Features:

Bescomt mechanical turret punching machine is controlled in real time, with intuitive and friendly interface and easy to use

mechanical turret punching machine 3

1. the program is loaded through a USB interface to realize resource sharing
2. status display (operation mode, machine tool status, workpiece coordinates, command display)
3. automatic programming function of an upper computer to automatically generate processing program
4. ISO standard NC code programming
5. it has the functions of program editing, modification and storage
6. the code has multi-layer nesting, loop function and other auxiliary functions
7. fault self-diagnosis displays function
8. code execution and format verification
9. advanced parameter setting function
10. software controls the start and stop of punch, single and continuous operation
11. three manual adjustment modes
12. punching, sheet metal counting and count clearing function
13. easy plate positioning
14. automatic return to starting point function
15. optional secondary positioning function
16. soft limit function, over range automatic error reporting
17. the secondary positioning mode has the function of automatic clamping
18. independent detection function of each IO port

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Product Parameters:

Bescomt mechanical turret punching machine

 type BSTZ-0825 BSTZ-1025 BSTZ-1225
Nominal pressure KN 250 250 250
Bed structure   open open open
Maximum punching diameter MM 50.8(88.9 Optional) 50.8(88.9 Optional) 50.8(88.9 Optional)
Maximum workpiece thickness MM 6.35 6.35 6.35
Punching accuracy MM ±0.1 ±0.1 ±0.1
Repeat positioning accuracy MM ±0.05 ±0.05 ±0.05
Punching frequency Time/min 180 180 180
Machining dimension MM 1250*2500/5000 1250*2500/5000 1250*2500/5000
Module position set 8 10 12
Number of clamps set 2 2 2
Number of control axes set 3 3 3
Overall dimension MM 4850*3300*2100 4850*3300*2100 4850*3300*2100
Machine weight KG 7500 7500 7500

Application and After-Sales Service:

Scope of application: Bescomt mechanical CNC turret punching machine is widely used in small and medium-sized sheet metal plants, can making, cover making, screen, architectural decoration, metal furniture, chassis and cabinet, kitchenware, solar energy, sheet metal, silencing board, instruments and meters, auto parts, medical equipment, grain and oil machinery, communication equipment, badges and other industries

After sales service: two years free warranty and lifelong technical guidance service. Respond immediately after receiving the consultation call, make forward technical solutions within 2 hours, arrive at the fastest speed abroad according to the situation. Provide full video guidance.

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Bescomt mechanical turret punching machine Configuration:

1.industrial computer control, anti-seismic, anti-interference, simple operation and friendly interface; The hard disk can realize super large and limited storage of files;
2. digital AC servo drive motor, brand blessing drive motor;
3. Taiwan (Shanghai silver) linear guide rail to ensure accuracy and service life;
4.precision large lead high-precision grinding ball screw imported from Taiwan to ensure machining accuracy and speed;
5. AutoCAD Graphics automatic conversion program; Mold library selection is set in CAD drawing, and the drawing can be previewed in CAD file;
6. plates can be positioned automatically and repeatedly after the program is executed, with accurate positioning, which can realize mass plate processing; During batch processing, one key operation can be realized, which is convenient and fast;
7. the stamping body adopts dry friction clutch braking, which can make the slider stop at any position, with convenient operation and low noise;
8. the clamp adopts pneumatic floating clamp to protect the plate from strain and scratch;
9. hard brush workbench with good support effect and low friction;
10. the motor cable is shielded, which can effectively prevent electromagnetic interference, and is protected by protective wire sleeve to prevent oil, water and pollution;
11. main electrical components are placed in the electrical box to prevent wire leakage, which is safe and convenient for maintenance and protection; is equipped with a dynamic centralized lubrication device to directly send the lubricating oil to each lubrication point, reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the friction of each moving pair and improve the service life;
13. equipped with the multi station mould independently developed by our company and with patent protection technology, the mould can be changed quickly, and the upper and lower moulds are coaxial without debugging, which greatly prolongs the service life of the mould.


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