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Aluminium Foil Container Making Machine(Upgraded)

Aluminum foil is a type of safer and more eco-friendly material that can be recycled and reused to a high degree. It is the trend of green food packaging at the moment.


Our Company Besco Machine Tool Limited from Shandong Dongying city offers disposable foil container making machines. Depending on the customer’s production capacity and investment, we also help customers make a proper plan to select the right foil container making machinery.

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There are two types of machines used in making foil containers.
1. Semi-automatic foil containers making machine
2. Full-automatic foil containers making machine

The difference between semi-auto and full-auto is that for full automatic foil containers making machine, the foil container product is collected through an automatic stacker and the waste scrape will be going to the waste collector automatically.

Product Features:

Our capacity of power press ranges from 25ton to 110 ton, and there are various molds, such as 1 cavity mold, 2 cavities mold, 3 cavities mold, and 4 cavities mold for different demands of the product
The automatic stamping machine production capacity is between 35 to 60 individual containers per minute, speed of the machine can be adjusted by users.

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Product Parameters:

Model 45 ton 63 ton 80 ton
Nominal Pressure (kn) 450 630 800
Slide Block Stroke (mm) 220 240 270
Slide Stroke per Minutes (s.p.m) 40-70 40-70 30-60
Maximum Mold Set Height (mm) 450 450 600
Slide Adjustment (mm) 60 80 85
Slide Bottom Size (mm) 340*410 340*410 360-410
Shank Hole Size (mm) 50*60 50*60 50*60
Bolster Size(mm) 800*900 1100*1100 1350*1200
Throat Depth(mm) 400 550 630
Total Power (kw) 5.5 7.5 11
Weight (kg) 5500 8500 12500
Dimension (mm) 1700*1200*3100 2200*1450*3400 2400*1550*3600

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Application and After-Sales Service:

* Provide technical training and consulting services;
* Seller to the Buyer for installation and commissioning;
* Machine warranty period is calculated from the date of final acceptance by, the punch mechanical parts warranty for one year;
* After receiving the fault information users: to respond within 4-6 hours, rushed to the equipment at the scene within 12 to 24 hours;
* After the warranty period, the seller is committed to providing life-long paid services for the buyer, and the necessary accessories to provide the best price;
* Non-user warranty period caused by man-made causes damage to the equipment, provide maintenance services Seller, required accessories borne by the seller.
We are confident to provide customers with better after-sales service with our teams.

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